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Our Consulting Services are available to men and women of any age. Patients are seen by appointment only either in person or on the phone. Following the initial consultation, we custom tailor a regimen for our client. We work with health care providers, helping patients receive customized therapy for their specific health needs. If necessary, we send a recommendation to the client’s health care provider for approval.

We ask that our clients verify approval of their prescription prior to stopping in to pick it up or expecting it to be shipped. Upon approval by the health care provider, under most circumstances, the prescription will be available for pick up or delivery within 24 – 48 hours.

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Compounded Hormone

Regardless of your age or gender, our Consulting Services are available to you. Our appointment-only system assures your time with us, whether by phone or in person, will be devoted exclusively to you. No pressure from the line behind you!

The Center for Pharmaceutical Compounding has been working in tandem with medical providers since 1984 to help patients receive customized therapy for their specific health needs. Following our initial consultation, we share our recommendations with your health care provider for approval as needed.

Individual symptoms create individual concerns. Our in-depth consultation service was developed for you to tackle complex issues involved with hormonal imbalances.

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Foreign Travel
& Immunizations

Going on an exotic trip? Uncertain if your destination requires immunizations? We make it easy for you by assessing your individual travel needs, checking for current information regarding outbreaks in your area of travel, and making recommendations to your provider suggesting which immunizations and/or travel medications may be appropriate.

The Center for Pharmaceutical Compounding’s Foreign Travel & Immunization consultation service is available to travelers of all ages.

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Pain Management

Each person experiences and feels pain in different ways. We work closely with providers to develop a customized treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

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Veterinary Needs

You love your pet! In their time of need you want them to have the best care possible. Our lab works in tandem with your veterinarian to prepare medications that work for your pet, whether it be a transdermal gel applied to the skin, or pet-approved delicious flavorings added to their oral medications.

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Hospice Needs

Medications need to be readily available for your loved one at a critical time. We partner with both large and small hospice agencies to bring customized, unique solutions to hospice patients.


CBD Therapy

Products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are not regulated by the FDA. Quality and accurate information are key factors for successful CBD therapy. We carry professional-grade CBD products only available in a pharmacy and offer free consultations with our pharmacists. Learn about potential drug interactions, how and when to dose, proper administration technique and how to manage expectations.

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