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foreign travel & immunizations

Going on an exotic trip? Uncertain if your destination requires immunizations? We make it easy for you by assessing your individual travel needs, checking for current information regarding outbreaks in your area of travel, and making recommendations to your provider suggesting which immunizations and/or travel medications may be appropriate.

The Center for Pharmaceutical Compounding’s Foreign Travel & Immunization consultation service is available to travelers of all ages.

How do I get an immunization or other travel medications for my trip?

All immunizations require a prescription from your provider. Our staff will work with your provider to obtain approval for the required immunizations and/or travel medications. Start by contacting our Immunization Services line directly at 269-492-7142.

How far in advance do I need to get my immunizations?

Please contact our pharmacy with as much advance notice as possible to ensure adequate time to process recommendations and administer any immunizations that are needed.  Some vaccinations require a series of shots over the period of several days/months. Though we prefer a wider window in which to work, we will make every attempt to accommodate those travelling on trips with short notice.

How do I contact your pharmacy to find out more?

Call the Immunization Services line directly at 269-492-7142. Please leave your name, telephone number, date of birth, date of travel, destination, as well as information about anyone who will be travelling with you in need of our services. Our travel consultant will review your needs and contact you to discuss the next steps.

You may also click here to view the Foreign Travel Questionnaire.  Fill out the questionnaire completely including information about anyone who will be travelling with you and return it to our pharmacy in person or via fax to 269-327-2709.  Our travel consultant will review your needs and contact you to discuss the next steps.

Messages are checked Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm. Please be aware, if you leave a message after 4 pm on Thursday, your message may not be checked until the following Monday.

Messages are processed as soon as possible but it may take up to 48 hours before your call is returned. For immediate assistance please call 269-327-0033, Ext 0 to speak with a member of our staff.

Do I need an appointment for my immunizations or can I just walk in?

We require an appointment for administration of any immunization. We will make every attempt to accommodate short notice travel needs. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out required paper work. Kindly provide a 24 hour cancellation notice.

Will my insurance pay for my immunizations?

Many prescription insurance plans do not cover immunizations for foreign travel. As a pharmacy, we are only able to attempt to bill prescription insurance for immunizations administered by a pharmacist.  We are NOT able to bill medical insurance for any services rendered at the pharmacy.  

What will the cost be?

Vaccine prices vary. Once your needs are determined, we are able to give you an exact cost. Because we are not able to bill insurance plans for office visits there is a $40.00 fee required per patient receiving a vaccination. If your vaccination requires a series of injections, the fee for subsequent injections is $20.00 per patient. Upon request, we can provide you with an invoice for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Which vaccinations and travel medications do you offer?

  • ActHIB (Haemophilus Influenzae B)
  • Adacel (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Whooping Cough))
  • Aralen (Malaria prevention)
  • Bexsero (Meningococcal Group B)
  • Diamox (Acute Mountain Sickness Prophylaxis)
  • Energix-B (Hepatitis B)
  • Havrix (Hepatitis A)
  • Heplisav-B (Hepatitis B)
  • Influenza (seasonal)
  • Ipol (Polio)
  • IXIARO (Japanese Encephalitis)
  • Larium (Malaria prevention)
  • Malarone (Malaria prevention)
  • Menactra (Meningococcal)
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)
  • RabAvert (Rabies)
  • Shingrix (Shingles) (based on availability)
  • Travelers Diarrhea Medications (Ciprofloxacin, Azithromycin)
  • Twinrix (Hepatitis A/Hepatitis B)
  • Typhim VI injection/Vivotif Berna oral capsules (Typhoid Fever)
  • Vaxchora (Cholera)
  • Yellow Fever (based on availability)

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