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Specialty Compounding Services for the Hospice Patient

We take pride in working with hospice agencies to help alleviate pain and suffering for those in need. Custom compounding can provide solutions and personalized care for the specialized needs of hospice patients. We also fulfill patient orders with commercially available medications commonly used with hospice care. We work closely with providers and nurses to optimize comfort in end-of-life situations.

Some hospice patients are unable to swallow medications; compounding can provide a variety of optional dosage forms such as suppositories, transdermal gels/creams, injectables, or sublingual troches.

Providers are welcome to call to discuss patient-specific case questions about pain and symptoms management. We offer local daily courier service and UPS delivery service to ensure hospice patients receive medications in a timely manner. If your agency is interested in partnering with us, please contact a member of our staff at 269-327-0033, Ext 0 for further information.

Formerly Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan

Formerly Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan


  • It has increased the level of comfort in our patients.

  • Very Positively!  Very individualized, easy to titrate and adjust and specific for each patient.

  • Less invasive, meaning simple and easy to teach and change doses frequently if needed.  Able to keep constant level of medications after patient is no longer able to swallow. Promotes increased use of medications in combative/confused/non-compliant patients who normally might spit out medication, etc.

  • There would be much more pain, nausea and anxiety in my clients. My families would have much less peace of mind and so would I.

  • More clients would need hospitalization or IM injections to receive the medications, which is NOT acceptable. It has improved their quality of life! Thank you for all your assistance, you make Hospice care so much easier!

  • There would be some symptoms not managed.

  • We could not say that we are providing our 'absolute best' without it! Compounding simply makes our patients more comfortable. It is a blessing.

  • We would not be able to control symptoms. Patient care would be adversely affected.

  • I cannot imagine practicing without these medications.

  • Much less patient focused and specific to individual needs. Quality of care would be decreased because we are able to give comfort medications to patients who can’t take oral medications.

  • I know that I can guarantee pain control and nausea and vomiting with the use of compounding. I could not have confidence to take care of symptoms with out it!

  • Tailors the medication specifically for individual patient needs and preferences.

  • It has improved the overall quality of life in the dying patient.

  • All means to manage symptom control are used to provide the best comfort available in-patient care.

  • It has been wonderful to know we can call the pharmacy and they are able to assist us in preparing whatever our client needs. The patients are so grateful for the assistance especially those who cannot swallow and need another route for medications.

  • Fantastic!!  We can offer our patients such good symptom control. We haven’t come across anything that the Center for Pharmaceutical Compounding could not solve to aid our patients. We are amazed at the comfort level we can achieve with compounding. Not only quality care, but not complete sedation, better for quality end of life.

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