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Hormonal Therapy for Men

Hormonal issues are not unique to women. The female gonads and male gonads produce the same sex hormones, just in different amounts. Lower than normal levels of sex hormones can occur in women (menopause) or in men (andropause). This condition, hypo-gonadism, causes diminished health in men. Men with hypo-gonadism experience disrupted sleep, loss of sexual function and/or interest, fatigue, decreased muscle mass, decrease in body hair and increased risk of osteoporosis.

What treatments exist for Andropause?

Traditionally, physicians will treat andropause with testosterone replacement. Commercial products are available to treat andropause. These include intra-muscular injections or topical gels. If your physician would like a different dosage or form than those available commercially, he can write a prescription and a compounding pharmacist can mix those ingredients together for you in the desired form. The compounded testosterone can be more concentrated or placed in an alcohol-free cream.

What are the goals of hormone treatment?

The goal of hormone treatment would be to alleviate the symptoms. A deficiency of sex hormones, called andropause or hypogonadism, causes the entire body to experience poorer health because every organ system in the body uses sex hormones to maintain good health.

Are you looking for a prescribing physician?

We can provide patients with a list of prescribing physicians in the area. Click here to request this list.

Why should I see a Consultant at the Center for Pharmaceutical Compounding?

The consultants can work with you and your physician to ensure the optimal dose and dosage form for your hormone therapy. Click here for information on our consultations. We are dedicated to ensuring confidence in the Center for Pharmaceutical Compounding and our compounded products. We can supply references, certificates of quality for our raw materials, dosage recommendations or therapy recommendations upon request.

List of suggested references

Most available at the Center for Pharmaceutical Compounding for purchase.

  • Sexual Fitness for Men: The Hardness Factor by Stephen Lamn
  • The Andropause Mystery by Dr. Robert S. Tan
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