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Commercial Products for the Office

Products for Provider Use

The Center for Pharmaceutical Compounding is your source for medications and products needed for diagnostic or in-office patient specific use.

We source products from many suppliers and can often offer medication in less than carton quantities.  We work hard to find medications that are available in limited supply. Our compounding lab will prove to be a great resource to provide a custom strength, dosage form, or delivery system for patient specific prescriptions used during an office visit.

The Center for Pharmaceutical Compounding has staff dedicated to meet almost any clinic or Hospice agency medication supply need.

We can ship commercially available products throughout the United States and patient specific compounded prescriptions to states where we hold non-resident pharmacy licenses: Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and New York.

The Center for Pharmaceutical Compounding can proactively monitor crash cart and emergency medication kits so expired product problems can be avoided.

Contact us today to discuss medication needs in your office.  We are glad to help and can quickly set up a no hassle account.

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